Joint Working Group of the Concerted Actions for EPBD, EED and RES publishes Assistance Documents for EU Member States in developing long term strategies for mobilising investment in building energy renovation

Recent work of the Joint Working Group of the three Concerted Actions concluded with the publication of documentation aiming to encourage and assist Member State authorities in the task of formulating their long term strategies to mobilise the large scale energy efficiency upgrading/ renovation of their building stocks, as required by Article 4 of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive.

The documentation does not seek to identify or answer all the issues that need to be addressed in developing a strategy; however, it provides a useful starting point for Member State authorities by way of posing a series of possible questions to be addressed in partnership with stakeholders, in conjunction with signposts to some possible productive approaches to tackling particular challenges, including examples of relevant actions and experiences.  While the specific content of the resulting strategy in each Member State is the responsibility of the Member State, it is hoped that this resource will help towards the ultimate efficiency and quality of delivery of the set of strategies required across the 29 countries subject to the Directive, and help their effective early implementation.

Read further and download the relevant documentation under Outcomes 2011-2015.

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